Thursday, November 5, 2015

On the Menu: Taco Soup

This is the easiest one-pot taco soup recipe! My family has been cooking it my entire life, and now it is my go-to soup. As a college student it his all my check points; cheap, fast, and easy. I always pair it with Jiffy cornbread that I bake in muffin tins. Here are the few steps to make this soup!

Gather ingredients: 2 lbs ground beef, 1 cup onions, 2 cans pinto beans, 2 can red kidney beans, 2 cans corn, 2 cans stewed diced tomatoes, 1 can rotel, 1 dry ranch packet, 1 taco seasoning packet

Brown meat and onions

Add packets of seasoning

Add the rest of the cans (after draining) and let simmer for 30 minutes

Top with sour cream and cheese, then enjoy!!

This recipe makes at least 8 large bowls. If you are cooking for a small family, I would recommend halting the recipe or freezing for later!

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