Monday, September 5, 2011


Wow! Senior year has me swamped. It is taking me awhile to get me back into the swing of things! I have had several papers to write, a rocket to create for science, yearbook layouts to design, a calculus and government test.

I have had time to squeeze in going to some football and volleyball games!

Hope to get back to my blogging schedule soon!!


  1. I am the same way...being a senior in college & still not being able to get into the swing of things is hard! I have been so busy too & not my usual blogging self which makes me sad! Have a good week & lets hope we get into the swing of things soon :) xo

  2. While it's really easy to get all caught up in the work and drama of senir year, just remember to sit back and enjoy this time. You'll never have another go around, so savor your last homecoming, winter break and prom. The time goes by so fast, so take it all in!