Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rain Rain

Rainy days always never get me down. Well at least when it hasn't rained here for months!! I love thunderstorms, but I always have trouble putting together a cute and practical outfit! Here are some dry yet fashionable options!


Both of these are great for a down-pour! The boots are from Target and the others are Sperrys!


The black boots go really cute with leggings and I love my sperrys with cuffed boyfriend jeans! Target also has great, cheap leggings and I love American Eagle's jeans! I NEVER like to wear full legth pants in the rain because they usually drag and get muddy and wet.


The first rain jacket is a Columbia "shell" perfect for running a few erronds and a cute way to brighten up a typical black rain outfit! The other is a Burberry jacket! I love wearing this coat when it rains, I really do wear it with my pink shoes and boyfriend jeans!

I almost always wear a v-neck with my rain outfits! They are a perfect layering shirt for under one of these jackets! I love my white v-neck from Old Navy.

A must:
And what rain day outfit would be complete without a Lilly umbrella?

What do y'all wear in the rain?


  1. I love those pink Sperry's -- they're adorable!! I definitely agree with you... wearing long jeans when it's raining is no fun, and this outfit is perfect!

  2. I love that Lilly umbrella! I usually wear Duck boots, but I'm thinking about investing in a pair of Hunters to wear with leggings!

  3. Love me some sperry's and leggings!

  4. I love thunderstorms! I always wear my sporto duck shoes :)