Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Planning Engagement Pictures

Engagement pictures sound like so much fun, right? Yeah, no. I feel like this has been the most stressful aspect of planning the wedding! Choosing our outfits and possible poses are difficult choices. I don't want the poses to look cheesy and unnatural, but I want a variety. I was talking to my aunt and her advice was whatever we do, do not wear anything trendy. She wore a bell sleeved top and looks back on her photos and cringes. Some solid advice. For our outfits we want something with a holiday vibe. This is what I am imagining, tell me your thoughts!

Casual Outfits:
Jeans+Tartan Button Down+Boots

Jeans+Blue Ruffle Button Down+Riding Boots OR Tory Flats

Dressy Outfits:
Khaki Chinos+White Button Down+Sweater+Loafers

Red Dress+Nude Halogen Heels

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