Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I thought I would share with y'all what I have been reading lately. Bare with me, this is an eclectic list!

Dirty Rush

This book is hysterical. It is an expose about sorority life from the point of Taylor Bell. Her writing style is beyond funny, but a lot a bit exaggerated. As a sorority woman, I can tell you how inaccurately this book portrays greek life. If you go into this book knowing it is so far fetched, you will enjoy the hilarious anecdotes! 

On the Island

If you are a fan of Lost, this book is for you. Two people stranded on a deserted island, romance, humor, drama, lives endangered; a recipe for a good read. This book sucked me in from the first few pages! I highly recommend this novel!!

 Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married

The author of this book, Dr. Gary Chapman, created the 5 love languages (my next read). He has written tons of acclaimed books, all with a Christian basis. This one is a short book focusing on pre-marital advice. It was a quick read, but a great one! He has great tips for newlyweds embarking on an exciting new journey. 

Heart-Shaped Hack

Heart-Shaped Hack is a straight up romance book. The premise was out of my normal reading routine but I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I love love and this book has plenty of love to make me smile like a dork!


My goal of the week was to get my inbox down to 0 for all of my accounts. This daunting task took me more than a week, but what a great feeling to not have an obnoxious red circle notifying me of an embarrassing amount of emails. I am really good at keeping up with my personal account, I check it a million times a day and delete as I go. My school account and President account get way out of hand. I mark my Gamma Phi emails as unread when I'm not ready to deal with the situation or respond. This is not the best strategy because they pile up way too fast!

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  1. My fiance and I are in the midst of reading "Things I' Wish I'd Had Known Before I Got Married." We are on the chapter currently about the toilet seat lol. A constant battle in our relationship :)

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