Friday, July 31, 2015

Best $5 Spent

I am a total nail polish addict. It is nearly impossible for me to walk by the nail polish isle at Target without bringing home a new Essie color (surely I am not alone on this). I would paint my nails every other day if it weren't so time consuming. But isn't it the worst having to wait for your polish to dry? I mean seriously, I sit there for hours and the next thing I know, it is dented!

The other day I was reading top coat reviews on Amazon and I found a top coat that sounded too go to be true; Seche Vite. I immediately headed to Ulta and spent 5 dollars to try this miracle polish out. OH. MY. GOSH.

If you have not tried this, run to your Ulta and pick up a bottle. Your nails are dry within 5 minutes and you will have a professional manicure shine! It will be the best 5 dollars you have spent. My only complaint is that my polish seems to peel off in chunks rather than just chipping, but it lasts quite a few days! I am now a huge believer in Seche Vite.

This coral polish I am wearing is actually a Matte polish, but I put the Seche Vite on top and it got a perfect shine! I decided to add a monogram to my favorite Lilly Pulitzer coffee cup. If you need any vinyl monograms, head on over to my Etsy shop The Preppy Type!

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