Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I am a sucker for any clothing with sea creatures on it. Lobsters, crabs, sea horses, star fish, you name it and I will love it. Luckily, all my favorite brands have a thing for sea creatures as well. Lilly makes it easy with their bright and, often nautical, prints. I found this J Crew crab shirt 2 summers ago in New York and have worn it a ton every summer since. It pairs perfectly with pink, navy, and denim shorts or jeans. 

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Old J Crew
Jeans: Here
Shoes: Here
Sunnies: J Crew/Ray-Ban Partnership, Similar Here


  1. Carley,
    I absolutely love that shirt! I'm the same about sea creature clothing. I really love that you've had the shirt for two years and are still wearing it - so many preppy bloggers are wasteful with their clothing and lose interest after one use.

    1. Thank you!! Once I find something I like, I will wear it until it gets a hole in it!!

  2. Carley! So glad you found my blog because I am so in love with yours! We should definitely collab soon, email me if you're interested. PS: Are you a Gamma Phi Beta? My older brother's girlfriend is the president of the John Carroll University chapter!

    Morgan | http://colormepreppy.com

    1. Oh my gosh yes we should so collab! And yes I am the President of Gamma Phi at Texas A&M, I'm sure I met her at president's academy this last spring!! Such a small world!

  3. How adorable! I love nautical themed anything for summer :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  4. Cute top! I'm not in particular a fan of these kinds of prints, but it is fun to vary it up sometimes :) The fabric looks awesome too!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane