Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I am a complete netflix binger. Every semester, I find a new show and get hooked! Here are a few of my favorite shows I have binged (some in only a few days).

Gossip Girl: The first show to get me hooked on netflix. My roommates and I all flew through all 8 seasons of this show our first semester in college!

Greys Anatomy: Who doesn't love this show? Even through the sobbing episodes, I can't stop watching (thanks Shonda). 
Before all my favorites were killed off. 

Pretty Little Liars: The most ridiculous, yet addicting, show on netflix. I may be 50 when I finally figure this mystery out.

Friday Night Lights: Romance and Texas Football, what else do you need? Clear eyes, full hearts, can't loose.

One Tree Hill: The best 2000s drama out there. I could not stop myself from clicking next episode!

Parenthood: SO. GOOD. I laughed and I cried alongside every member of this family.

My other favorites on Netflix are Glee, The Fosters, Friends, Gilmore Girls, and currently Dance Academy! What have you binged?

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