Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Awards Night

Sorry for the lack of posts but as you can imagine MAY is crazy! All the fun events are starting as school is ending. I want to blog about all of it so I can look back and remember my senior year!

This past week were our Bronco Awards. Students receive awards for academic recognition, leadership, and scholarships are announced!

Love these girls! We met freshman year at volleyball!

KJM will be playing vball at Angelo State in the fall!!

REC will be at Texas Tech!

One of my closest friends since Kinder! She will be a cheerleader for the University of  Texas this fall!

And LRW!


  1. Good luck with finishing up your senior year! I feel your May hectic schedule too! You and your friends are so pretty too (:

  2. Enjoy the last few moments of your Senior year. :)