Friday, April 13, 2012

Feeling Kind of BLUE!

Yesterday I went up to J CREW to check my work schedule. I ended up shopping and bringing home some work clothes. I realize now that everything I got is BLUE! I love navy. Right now I am wearing it with bright PINK, WHITE and ORANGE! Here is what I snagged....

Blue Chunky Thermal (on sale)
Navy Whisper Cardigan

Perfect Shirt in Blue Gingham
Bootcut Classic Fit Jeans

Navy Scalloped waist Skirt (on sale)
What have you snagged lately?


  1. Haven't snagged anything but am heading out shopping tomorrow, hopefully will find some cute stuff! Love the navy skirt, will have to see if my J.Crew has one!

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  3. I've been buying and wearing a ton of blue too! Those scalloped shorts are too cute! It goes with everything

  4. I love the scalloped waist skirt! It's so cute. Your new gingham shirt looks great too!


  5. I need to stop by J. Crew soon! I'm loving that gingham shirt and the scalloped skirt!

  6. Love all of your picks! I wear tons of blue too.