Sunday, July 31, 2011

To Do List

I can't believe it's the end of July. This summer is going toooooo fast. I have had lots of fun and some good relaxing trips! Now I need to start working on my summer to do list...

1. Complete and submit college application
2. Start scholarship searches
3. Complete summer reading and analysis papers
4. Senior portraits
5. Take pictures for the yearbook
6. Throw a baby shower for my cousin!
7. Plan my FDO (First Day Outfit)!
8. Read The Help (before I see the movie!)
9. Get some back to school supplies, including a Lilly agenda!

So the last several aren't so bad!! I hope everyone else is all caught up on their summer bucket list!


  1. Have fun with that list! I went through the same list my senior year.
    School supplies will be the fun part as well as the first day outfit.
    I just bought The Help as a book and plan on finishing it sometime soon before I see the film as well.

  2. Looks like a great to do list! Can't wait to see your agenda and FDO. I read The Help earlier in the summer, and I'm SO excited to see the movie!


  3. This sounds like a lot of fun! Have a great senior is by far the best!!

  4. You're going to love The Help! Its one of my new fav books :) Hae fun your senior year! I'm going into mine in college and I'm so excited.

  5. Ahhh, senior year is so exciting & fun! :) Enjoy it while it lasts! & I recently ordered myself a Lilly agenda - you'll love it!

    XO -Becca

  6. This makes me so excited for senior year... only I start school tomorrow (I'm not ready for summer to end)!! I've already started scholarship searches, but the whole application process is already stressing me out, hahaha! You will LOVE The Help!!! I read it at the beach this year and could not put it down... it was just so, so good!

  7. Love this list because it looks almost exactly like mine!
    #1, 2, 3, 8, and 9! All on my list! Just throw in some SAT studying and training for Cross Country season and I'm set :) Good luck with your applications and scholarship searches! Are you applying to schools only in Texas or in other states as well?

  8. you will FLY through the help -- it is so so good!

    i love lists... make them all the time! it's the only way to get things done!