Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The final countdown

I have 4 weeks and counting left of school! These four weeks are jam-packed with tons of projects, tests, events and games! Here are some things that are coming soon!

  • 1 AP test
  • 4 Banquets
  • 1 Yearbook Conferance
  • Many playoff baseball games (hopefully!)
  • 5 Senior letters
  • 1 Powder-puff game
  • 3 projects
  • Too many tests
  • LOTS of swimming, golfing and relaxing!
Come on summer!!!


  1. You have a busy few weeks ahead! Good luck with the end of your school year! :)

  2. Ill be home next weekend! Lets have a pool day! Trav and Nicole will be in town too :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm the same way -- I only have 2 more weeks left, but I still have SO much to do! I can't wait though!!

  4. I have three full weeks left and I made a list of things today that I have to get done between now and exams - it's very overwhelming! Good luck with everything! What AP are you taking? I have my Euro exam on friday!

  5. So exciting! Enjoy this time girl you'll never get it back!

  6. That is so exciting!!!! I am one test away from summer and it's killing me slowly but I'm taking a bike ride and enjoying the weather instead of worrying or sitting inside all day :)