Monday, May 2, 2011

Calling it quits

Houston we have a problem!!! It was 98 degrees outside with 100% hummidity yesterday. It was insanely hot! On the plus side I got a nice tan watching a baseball game!! The problem is my 30 for 30. I picked clothes that would fit a normal spring, not summer! I am having trouble making cool enough outfits within my 30 pieces of clothing. I decided I am going to have stop doing it. I am sad that I am giving up with only 10 days left but I really need to! I have to break out some cooler clothes or I will die of heatstroke!! So I guess I did a 20 for 30, good enough!!

Here is what I wore on my first day off of 30 for 30!


  1. The weather has been insane... it is only going to be 50 in Dallas today! What is going on?! Ha! Stay cool down there : )

  2. Don't blame you for wanting to quit, the weather in New York is so crazy that it calls for shorts one day, thick jackets the next! Love the skirt :)