Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The ABC's of me!

A-Age:  17!
B-Bed size:  Full
C-Chore you hate:  Well I don't enjoy any but I especially hate laundry!

D-Dogs:  I do not have a dog, or any pet, but Scottie dogs are my favorite!

E-Essential start to your day:  Check the weather! Call me a grandpa, but every morning I check my phone to see what the weather is.

F-Favorite Color:  Pink! But navy and green are a close second!

G-Gold or Silver:  I am a silver girl.

H-Height:  5'8'', I was always the tallest in my class!

I-Instruments you play:  Piano, I used to play but only a few songs stuck!

J-Job title:  Student, no jobs so far!

K-Kids:  none!

L-Live:  Texas! 
M-My mom's name:  Lynne, she is my best friend!
N-Nickname:  My family calls me car!

O-Overnight hospital stay:  I have luckily never spent the night in a hospital!

P-Pet Peeve: People who when you tell them a story have to one up you! It drives me up the wall!

Q-Quote from a movie: "Frankly my dear, I dont give a damn."
Gone With the Wind is one of the best movies ever!
R-Right/Lefty:  Righty.

S-Sibling:  Only child!! (and I LOVE it!)

T-Time you wake up:  7:15 on the weekdays!

U-Underwear:  Always!

V-Veggies you dislike:  Brussle Sprouts!
W-What makes you run late:  The snooze button- whoever invented it clearly did not have to go to school!
X-Xrays you have had:  Teeth and toe!

Y-Yummy food you make:  I love making cupcakes!

Z-Zoo animal: Giraffes and Rhinos!

Day 7 outfit!


  1. So happy you love Gone With the Wind too! :)
    LOVE that dress, where's it from?

  2. that dress is soo cute!

  3. Cute dress! About the snooze button: ooomg it kills me too! The other day I snoozed for over an hour! How is that possible?! Love your ABCs!

  4. Love the list... I completely agree with the whole checking the weather thing because I'm the same way! And that dress is PRECIOUS!!

  5. I check the weather first thing every morning too! LOVE that dress!

  6. Haha, love your W! Love your dress, too!

  7. Love the OOTD! I always turn on the tv in the morning to know what the weather is going to be like even if it's obvious.

  8. Ahh I love your Day 7 outfit! The black bow is perfect with that dress.

    I just started following your blog and would love for you to visit mine and tell me what you think!

  9. I have been struggling with ideas to blog about and then I read your ABC's of Me! Love it and I'll think I'll try it, thanks!