Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fab Five

Thanks so much to the adorable Miss Southern Prep for tagging me in 5 things you can't live without! Her blog is wonderful, be sure to stop by.

1. Co. Bigelow Lemon Chapstick- This stuff is unbelievable!!!

2. My droid phone!

3. My Lilly planner. I would be lost without this!

4.  My laptop! I do my homework, watch Hulu, and most importantly BLOG!!!

5.  My bible, it always gives me encouragement.

I want to tag
Jessica @ Pearls and Pink Polka Dots
Jordan @ Classy from North to South
cCl @ Ramblin' Blonde


  1. I love all of that too -- especially chapstick! I'd be so lost without it!

  2. that chapstick really is the best!

  3. I basically feel like I have the same obsessions!! Thank you for tagging me for this! I will post this for tomorrow!! :) Love that you put your bible!!

  4. Woohoo! Thanks for the tag :) I will post this tomorrow :)love you!

  5. i need to try that chapstick.. i am an addict!