Monday, February 7, 2011

7 facts!

A HUGE thanks to Bee, Myself and I and The Young and Prepless for giving me the 7 facts award!! Their blogs are fabulous! Make sure to head on over and check them out!

The rules are you have to share 7 facts about yourself then pass the award on to other bloggers! Make sure to say who awarded you and link it back to them!! So here it goes.

1. I am an early riser! I love to go to bed nice and early and wake up early and energized!!
2. We have a family tradition since my granddaddy was young. Our whole family gets together once a week to
eat at our favorite mexican restaurant.
3. My favorite drink is sweet tea!
4. I was the tallest student in my class from kinder-fifth grade! I was 5'7" in 3rd grade. No joke.
5. My all time favorite t.v. show is The Gilmore Girls.
6. I won Miss Scholastic in a beauty pagent.
7. The only time I eat breakfast food is for dinner! Pancakes are my favorite cold weather dinner!!!

I want to pass this award on to some new cute blogs I just found!
4. Anyone else who wants to join in!!

The giveaway winner is going to be announced tomorrow!


  1. I am an early riser too:) Don't like to waste daylight!!
    That is a cute tradition that you have! We have something similar, we always go get biscuits on Saturday morning with my Nanny and Papa at DQ! The DQ where we live has UNIQUE and delicious biscuits!

    Have a great day:)

  2. Thanks so much for thinking of my blog! You are too kind. I too love Gilmore Girls. I'm getting ready to watch it on ABC Family as we speak!!!

  3. Ha Cute Post! I like to go to bed early too :) It drives my friends crazy, but I feel at least eight hours makes my skin look so much better!

  4. I was the tall kid in elementary too! It actually continued through middle school for me, because I've been 5'9" since I was 10.

    My roommate and I are also early risers. I feel so much more accomplished waking up early instead of staying up late by the end of the day!

  5. Im watching gilmore girls as I read this

  6. LOVE Gilmore Girls and I was the tall one, too... tapped out at 5'9" but I was taller than my 3rd grade teacher when I was in 3rd grade!

  7. Ah! You made my night!! Thank you so much for the tag, I can't wait to post!

    I'm so with you on waking up early :)

  8. I was the same way in elementary school! I hated doing cotillion in middle school because I was always heads taller than all of the boys. Glad to know there's other tall girls who shared my pain.

  9. I'm in the process of watching all the Gilmore Girl episodes. I'm in the middle of Season 4! Such a good show! Love your facts!

  10. I love the Mexican Family dinner!! We do that too! (mainly b/c we could eat it!

    Hope your day is blessed♡

  11. Congrats on your award!! I would love the tradition of eating Mexican once a week. It's my absolutely favorite food!!

    I am right there with you on being the tallest growing up. I used to hate it. Now, I love being tall!!

  12. I love that your favorite tv show is Gilmore Girls!