Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This week (and every other week of my life for that matter!) I am grateful for sticky notes!! I really do LOVE these! I am constantly going through pads of them!! I even have a sticky note app on my phone, it was the first app I downloaded! Some of my favorites are...

These Lilly ones are great because they have several sizes and are super sticky!!!

I have Vista Print ones with my monogram on it, but I have nearly used them all up!

 Of course good old fashioned Post Its work too!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!!


  1. i am sticky note obsessed.. they really are the greatest invention! and those lilly ones are precious!

  2. Sticky notes are the best! Your lilly ones are too cute!

  3. I love notecards and stickies! I have an embarrasingly large ziploc baggie full!

  4. Post-it's are the only things getting me through midterms... Well, and index cards. That's so cool that you can get them with your monogram!

  5. I loved post-its in college! They were lifesavers!

  6. I love sticky notes -- I use them all the time! Those Lilly ones are so cute!